The key to the days ahead

26 March 2020
Series: Devotional
Topic: coronavirus , the key

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In the previous teachings, we learned how the Bible says Yehovah will be with us in the storm; He will strengthen us to endure the storm and see to our every need in the midst of it. We also learned how it says He has never promised to take us out of the storms and circumstances of life, and He has never promised to remove fear and doubt from our minds. Even so, He has told us not to be afraid, not to worry, but we are the ones who have to say no to fear and yes to faith. How is this possible? What is the key to trust when your world is turned upside down?

The key is your mind and what happens in it.

Planning for a potential situation or a potential problem is not wrong to do as long as you know that should potentiality become a reality, you can handle the situation. When you plan for a potential situation or a potential problem, but you dont know what to do if it becomes a reality, then you have surrendered to fear and worry.

The more you grow older, the more you realize life is filled with potential situations you have no idea how to handle if they become a reality. You know most of these situations are unavoidable and will, at one time, become a reality, so how do you prepare for them?

You have two options; you can focus your mind on what you can’t handle, or you can focus your mind on the Lord. The Bible says in Prov 3:5 if we look at the Lord, He will tell us how to prepare for what might become a reality.

“Ok, so what you are saying is, I should look to Jesus?”

No, the Bible does not say that. Remember, Prov 3:5 was written long before Jesus was born. So what Prov 3:5 is saying is look to Yehovah, and He will tell you what to do.

“Ok, but how do I look to Yehovah?”

What do you usually do when you start to worry about something that could happen? Your mind gets so preoccupied with it. What you are doing is looking with your mind at a potential situation that could become a reality.

Looking to Yehovah is choosing to shift your focus in your mind from what could potentially happen to the name of Yehovah. Instead of thinking about all the things that could happen, you decide to think of only the name of Yehovah.

This is how you look to Yehovah, and this is the key to trust and faith, victory over fear.

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