The road to victory

17 June 2020

Series: Bible study

The road to victory

The Torah, otherwise known as the written law of Moses, was the central topic of Yeshua’s teachings. Time and time again, He told His disciples to reject human tradition, reject human doctrines, and obey only the Torah. He even went as far as to say, in Luke 6:46, if we do not follow the Torah, He is not our Lord. In Matt 5:19, 7:21-23 He even says that those who do not obey the Torah can not enter heaven, and He will personally make sure they instead end up in hell. So it is self-evident that the one thing the church rejects, the Torah, is essential if we want to be saved and stay saved. 

Am I saying we can be saved by obeying the Torah? 

We all know how we have sinned against Yehovah. The Torah says if we have sinned, we have to atone for our sins. The only way for us to atone in the Torah is to go to Jerusalem and sacrifice in the Temple. The Temple is gone, so right now, we cant do that. So how can we atone? In John 1:29 and the book of Hebrews, we read how Yeshua is Yehovah’s sacrificial lamb. He is our sacrifice, and His Blood in the holiest of holy on the altar in the heavenly Temple meets all the requirements for an atoning sacrifice. So if we obey the Torah and sacrifice by faith, in what He did for us at the cross, we will be saved. Paul says, in Romans, when we are saved, should we then go on sinning? Of course not, we can’t sin anymore when we are saved. So if sin is breaking the Torah (1.John 3), then repentance from sin means we start obeying it again. So in this way, it would be correct to say that the Torah can save because it requires us to make an atoning sacrifice for our sins and repent back to keeping it. 

But how can we repent back to something we dont know anything about? 

The Torah has 613 commandments divided into 248 positive commandments and 365 negative commandments. We are going to attempt to go through them one by one and learn how to live righteously. This will be the ultimate test for all of us to answer the question, who is our Lord?

In Ex 20:2, we read, “I am Yehovah, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of slavery.” 

This Torah commandment is telling us to acknowledge Yehovahs existence. 

As Christians, we should take special notice of the fact that it tells us to acknowledge Yehovahs existence, not Jesus existence. Yeshua (Jesus) never told us to focus on Him or to worship Him, even though He is God. But even so, most Christian denominations worship and focus on Yeshua and, at the same time, reject Yehovah. 

In John 12:24, 14, Yeshua says if we believe in Him, we will also believe in Yehovah. What Yeshua is saying here is this, you cant believe in Me and reject My Father Yehovah. If you truly believe in Me, you will also believe in My Father. This tells us one important thing, Christians who say they believe in Yeshua but reject Yehovah dont have any saving faith. (James 2, Matt 7:21-23)

Have you rejected Yehovah?

In Lev 22:32, we read, “You must not profane My holy name. I must be acknowledged as holy among the Israelites. I am Yehovah, who sanctifies you.”

How do we profane someone’s name? The most obvious one would be to lie about their character or to treat them disrespectfully. 

We know, from the Bible, Yehovah has said everyone who obeys His Torah He will take as His people. (Isaiah 56:3) Yehovah has said His Torah is holy and something to be cherished, loved, and respected. So here it says: If we obey the Torah, Yehovah will be our God. Yeshua told us to repent back to Yehovah through Torah obedience. Does it not concern you to know the church rejects the one thing we need to become the people of Yehovah? 

Mainstream Christianity says the Torah does not apply to us; the Torah is sinful and a burden. According to them, Yehovah has changed His mind about the Torah. 

We know from the Bible what mainstream Christianity is telling us about the Torah is a lie. By spreading lies like this, mainstream Christianity profanes the name of Yehovah and treats what is holy with contempt and disrespect. If you reject the Torah, Yehovah is not your God, and He will not sanctify you. Is it any wonder most Christians are struggling to live sanctified lives? 

In Deut 6:4, we read, “Hear O Israel, Yehovah is our God, Yehovah is one.”

This commandment tells us Yehovah is 1 God (Mark 12:29.) He is not three gods in one, He is one, and He is Yehovah. But the one God is free to manifest Himself any way He wants in ways we dont understand. So when He chooses to reveal Himself as Yeshua or as the Holy Spirit, He is still one God. 

In Deut 6:5, we read, “And you shall love Yehovah your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength.”

This commandment is telling us to love Yehovah, our God, not to love Yeshua our God. How do we love Yehovah? John 14 says we love Yehovah and Yeshua by obeying and following the Torah. Mainstream Christianity would tell you the Torah is sinful, done away with, something to be shunned, something dangerous that will send us to hell. So the one thing we need to love Yehovah with is the one thing we are told to avoid. 

In Deut 6:13, we read, “Fear Yehovah, serve Him only and take your oaths in His name.”

This commandment tells us to respect Yehovah, to serve only Him. 

How do we respect Him and serve only Him? The same way we love Him by obeying His Torah.

In Deut 28:9, we read, “Yehovah will establish you as His holy people, as He promised you, if you keep the Torah of Yehovah and walk in obedience to Him.”

In John 3:16, Yeshua says everyone who believes in Him will become children of Yehovah. Yeshua was a Jew, and when a Jew says to believe in someone or something, we always expect our faith to show itself in action. (James 2, 1. John 2)

So faith in Yeshua (John 3:16) is not believing He died for us on a cross. It is obedience to His teachings (Luke 6:46), which will automatically lead to faith in the cross. What did Yeshua teach? Yeshua taught us to obey His Torah. 

This is the same thing Yehovah says in Deut 28:9; if we obey His Torah, we will become His people. 

In Deut 6:6-7, we read, “My Torah is to be on your heart. And you shall teach my Torah to your children and speak of it when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

Whenever you see the word heart in the Bible, remember it is a Hebrew idiom for the mind. So what this commandment is telling us is to learn the Torah and keep it in our minds so we can teach it to our children, speak of it in our house, when we walk along the road, when we lie down and when we get up. 

This is the same thing Yehovah says to Joshua in Joshua 1:8, if we do what Deut 6:6-7 says, we will have success and even be prosperous. In Rev 12 and Rev 14, it says that those who do this and believe in the cross will overcome the devil. 

Do you not want to be prosperous, have success, and overcome the devil? 

When we know that we are promised victory over the devil, if we obey the Torah, we should ask ourselves this question: Why is mainstream Christianity telling us to disobey the Torah? 

The answer to this lies in 1. John 4:3, the Antichrist spirit, has become Lord in the church. It has no problem with you believing Jesus died for your sins, as long as you do not obey the Torah. 

So let me ask you this question, who is your Lord? 

We will continue our teaching on the Torah commandments on Friday. 


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