Devotion: Are you discouraged, depressed and in need of some comfort?

8 October 2019
Series: Devotional
Topic: devotion

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Have you ever felt depressed, down or discouraged as if life overwhelms you with all its uncertainties? If you are a human being, the answer would be yes, we have all felt like that at times, and we will all feel like that again.

Mainstream Christianity would tell you to look to Jesus when you are depressed and feeling overwhelmed. Does that work for you? Do you even know what that means to “look to Jesus”?

We have all been in situations where it helps us to bring to mind people who love us, even though they are not physically there. It could be your spouse, your parents, family members, a good friend. Just thinking of them, and what they would have said to you if they were there with you right now brings a smile to your face, peace in your soul and gives you that extra energy and courage you need for the job ahead. This is how we look to someone we love for encouragement, even though they might not be there with us right now.

What is it that encourages you by thinking of someone you love? Because you know their personality, you know what they would say if they were there with you right now. So even though you know their physical appearance, how they look like, it is not their image that encourages you. It is their personality and who they are as a human being that inspires you.

What does it mean to “look to Jesus” for comfort and encouragement? You cant “look to Jesus” if you dont know who Jesus is. Perhaps you would say you know who He is; He is the Son of God, your Lord, and Savior. That is important I will give you that, but do you know Him? To be able to look to Jesus, you have to know who He is as a person what makes Him happy, what makes Him sad, what makes Him angry. If you dont know who He is as a person, how can you “look to Jesus”?

So let me ask you again, do you know Him? I am not asking if He is your Lord and Savior, I am asking, do you know Him and who He is?

In mainstream Christianity, we have more than 40 000 + different denominations right now. Do they know Jesus? If you asked them to describe who Jesus is they might all give you the default Christian answer, “He is our Lord, Savior and the Son of God.” But that does not prove that they know Him, that shows they have the lingo and know-how to say the right things.
To some of them, Jesus would allow or even encourage abortion. To others, he would promote, enable, and also bless homosexuality, divorce, remarriage, pornography. To almost all of them, he would not care too much how they lived their lives as long as they knew how to say, “He is our Lord, Savior and the Son of God.” So in a way, it would be fair to say we have 40 000 + different versions of Jesus in this world right now. They can’t all be right, can they? They cant all know Him, can they?

Who is Jesus? How would you describe Him?
There is only one correct answer to this question, and that answer we find in the Gospels. In the Gospels, we read how His real name was and is Yeshua. The Gospels say He was born in Israel to a Jewish mother; the letter J does not exist in Hebrew so it could not have been Jesus. In the Gospels, in Hebrew, the angel says they should call Him Yeshua because He will Yehoshua, His people from their sins. There is a vast difference between the name Jesus and the name Yeshua. Yeshua is short for Yehoshua, which means Yehovah (God) saves. So in His name Yeshua, we find the evidence that tells us He is Yehovah (God) because He is God who saves His people. This is why we know for sure His name is Yeshua, not Jesus.

If His real name is Yeshua and not Jesus, He automatically becomes Yehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This is why we can know for sure that Yeshua is God because His name tells us His true identity. If He is Yehovah, then there is no way He came to free us from the Torah (the law of Moses). Why? Because Yehovah says in the Old Testament, His law is easy to obey, a delight for the soul, life, and health for the body. This is why we see Yeshua in Matthew 23:2 telling His people to follow the Pharisees when they teach the law of Moses.

Who is Jesus? How would you describe Him? He is Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He delights in the Torah and gets angry when people try to substitute the Torah for human-made commandments and traditions. In the book of Acts, we see Him rejoicing over the faith and Torah obedience of a Roman Centurion to such a degree that He baptizes Him in the Holy Spirit. Who is Jesus? How would you describe Him? He is Yeshua, Yehovah who saves His people Israel from their lawless life, spending three years among us teaching us how to properly obey the Torah before He went to the cross for us. He is Yeshua who took upon Himself the punishment for all our disobedience done in anger, and all our willful disobedience. John 1 says He is the Torah, the written law of Moses.

How can you “look to Jesus” for comfort and encouragement?

The answer is if you try to look to Jesus for comfort and encouragement, it will be difficult for you. Why? Because there are right now about 40 000 + different versions of him in this world.

If you, on the other hand, should choose to look to Yeshua for comfort and encouragement you will find what you are looking for. Why? Because there is only one Yeshua in this world and He is Yehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He is the Torah, the written law of Moses.

So the next time you need encouragement, do not look to one of the many 40 000 + versions of “jesus.” Look instead to the Torah, the word of Yehovah who died for you on the cross for your sins. Look instead to the Torah, the word of Yehovah who walked among us for three years and taught us how to live in righteousness properly. Look instead to the Torah; the word of Yehovah who did mighty miracles raised people from the dead and opened the blind eyes because He is Yeshua who will Yehoshua you from your sins.