There is hope

28 January 2020

Series: Devotional

Topic: Bible, Jesus, Jews

There is hope

Contrary to what mainstream Christianity would tell you, being Israel and a child of Yehovah is not a protection from life’s problems. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Yehovah makes sure we will never come under attack, never be sick again, never have financial difficulties again.

What the Bible does say is this, if you are Israel (a child of Yehovah), you are not alone amid your problems. He is right there with you, helping you to endure and making sure you will see His Yehoshua (His salvation) from whatever situation you are in right now.

Contrary to what mainstream Christianity would tell you, there is a condition you have to meet if you want His help and Yehoshua. The Bible says you have to live the way Yeshua (Yehoshua/Jesus) lived His life. By choosing to imitate the life of Your Savior and Lord, you will become Israel and a real Jew. How did He live His life? All Christians, regardless of their denomination, can answer this, He was the sinless lamb of God. To be sinless, He had to obey Moses at all times. When He obeyed Moses, He became Israel Himself and a real Jew.

This is what Paul is referring to in 1.Cor 11:1. So if we are to obey Christ and Paul, we have to choose to live our life the way Yehoshua lived His always in obedience to the Mosaic law. When we do this, we become Israel and a real Jew regardless of our DNA.

Yehovah has only obligated Himself to help, protect, heal, and provide for those who openly confess to being Israel united with His Son (Deut 28:1-13). He has never promised Israel an easy life, but He promised us He will be with us in everything we do and giving us Yehoshua (salvation) just as He did for our forefathers in the desert. (Matt 6:25-34)

There is also one other critical condition we have to meet if we want His help.

Hebrews and Jews have no concept of passive intellectual faith. In Hebraic culture, faith is always active. So if you believe Yehovah will heal you, provide for you, fight for you, you have to believe He has already given it to you even if your circumstances tell you otherwise. (Mark 11:24)

This can sometimes be very challenging to do because it requires you to see yourself as healed, provided for, and your prayers answered even if everything around you disagrees. It also requires you to keep on seeing yourself as healed, provided for, and your prayers answered even if nothing around you changes.

How do you deal with this?

When nothing changes, it can be difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to believe you have already received it. The key is to do what our forefathers did when they had to wait for their prayers to be answered. They knew Yehovah had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to hear and answer the prayers of their descendants. So the key is in your identity as a Jew and a Hebrew. Because you have repented back to the Mosaic law and become a Jew, you know for sure your prayers will be heard and answered even if it takes some time.

So what do you do when your prayers go unanswered?

Remind yourself you are a Jew, an Israelite, a Hebrew serving Yehovah who promised your forefather Abraham to care for you in everything you do.

Where does the cross fit into all of this?

When you start living as a real Jew, in obedience to Moses, you will soon see your need for a Savior and atonement for your sins. So you cant live as a Jew and, at the same time, reject Jesus.

So do not see all the problems and difficulties you are experiencing as a lack of faith. Do not listen to the lies of Christianity, telling you a saved child of God will never have any problems again. Listen instead to the Bible that says there will be difficult times, sometimes very challenging. But if you live as a Jew, a true Hebrew, you can know for sure Yehovah will give you salvation from every trial and every situation.