Donald Trump or Biden?

9 November 2020
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

For the last four years, we have often heard it said from Christian prophets President Trump would be re-elected for a second term.

In the last year, we have had several prophecies saying Mr.Trump would undoubtedly be re-elected, so when Mr.Joe Biden announced he had won the election, many Christians are not too sure what will happen. Were the prophecies wrong? Has the devil intervened in this? And what if the unthinkable happens in January and Mr.Biden moves into the white house as the next president?

If we believe the Bible, we have to accept what it says, even if we do not agree. The Bible says nothing happens without Yehovahs approval, so instead of trying to fight the devil, we should ask ourselves, why did Yehovah allow this to happen? Why did He not give the election to Mr.Trump, if Trump and the American people are pleasing in His sight?

The Bible says, when a nation or a country rejects Yehovah’s Torah, He rejects them. Every time Israel rejected His Torah, Yehovah always allowed for evil kings to take power and rule over them.

Nobody knows for sure the condition of Mr.Trumps spiritual health; only Yehovah knows.

But what we do know is this:

The USA rejected the Torah of Yehovah a long time ago, and the United States of America is responsible for a lot of false heresy in Christianity, such as the grace teaching.

What happens in the USA for the coming weeks, months, and perhaps for the next four years should inspire us all to repent back to Moses and the Torah. Because even though we do not know for sure if it will be Biden or Trump for the next four years, we know judgment is coming.

The Bible repeats time and time; when a nation rejects His Torah, the consequences will be judgement, and He could just as easily use Mr.Trump as Mr.Biden for the instrument of His judgment.

Therefore, we should not be so hastily to pray for Mr.Trump to win or for Mr.Biden to win.

Instead, we should repent back to Torah and seek Yehovah while He is still to be found and pray for our nations to repent back to Torah. Then, and only then, will Yehovah allow righteous rulers to be Kings in our nations.

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