Unexpected curveballs and Torah

31 August 2020
Series: Bible study

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In Prov 3:5-6, we read “Trust in Yehovah with all your mind and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

What is your outlook on life right now? Our circumstances often determine it, and we Christians are no different from an unbeliever. We are just as affected by our circumstances as any other human being on the planet earth. But have you ever asked yourself, is it supposed to be that way? Are we Christians not supposed to be different and have a different outlook on life, no matter the circumstances?

Back when I was a mainstream Christian, I always had a hard time keeping a positive faith-filled outlook on life. Sure it was easy when life was going well, but when life threw me unexpected curveballs, it sure got challenging to keep a positive outlook.

No matter how hard I tried to confess, pray, give, tithe, and worship, I could not get out of my funk. I was stuck in this negative cycle; when life was good, it was easy to be a Christian. When things changed, and I faced a challenge, it was complicated to remain a Christian.


Because no matter how hard I did all “the right things” as a Christian, I did not seem to get ahead in life or overcome whatever I was facing at the moment. It felt as if I could not build my faith and withstand the fiery darts of the evil one.

Can you identify with this? I know we Christians try our best to remain positive through the hard times, but sometimes, life sucks even for Christians.
But we have to ask ourselves this question, where is the scripture, in the Bible, where it says life sucks even for Christians? The answer is, there is no such scripture because when life gets hard, we as Christians are supposed to be different.

So why is there such a massive discrepancy between the life of a Christian and the life of a believer the way we see it in the Bible? Because we as Christians have rejected the Torah. All the Apostles in the Bible, including Paul and Cornelius in the book of Acts, kept Torah as Christians.

It was Pauls’s obedience to the Torah that gave him the ability to remain positive and encourage the rest of the crew when they were shipwrecked outside Malta. He knew Yehovah would save him and the rest of the crew somehow because Paul kept Torah, and Yehovah always saves those who obey. It is the Torah and our obedience to it that makes it possible for us to expect Yehovahs help and have a positive faith-filled outlook on life. Because of the Torah, we can expect Yehovah to help us.

Here in Prov 3:5-6, it says we are to trust in Yehovah with all our mind, we are not to lean on our own outlook on life.

What Prov 3:5-6 says is the same thing as we read in Deut 28:1-13 and Matt 6:25-34, submit to Yehovah’s Torah, and you will have no reason to worry about anything. Why will we have no reason to worry? Because the Torah says whoever obeys it can rest assured and know for sure Yehovah will deliver them. (Psalm 34:19, Matt 6:25-34, Deut 28:1-13)

If you genuinely believe what the Bible says, you will choose to face every challenge in life with faith knowing Yehovah will be there for you and save you because you keep Torah. But this is a choice you have to make, a choice to change from how you view life and instead share in Yehovah’s outlook on life. When He sees His people facing challenges, He is never worried because He knows He is able and willing to rescue them as long as they stay faithful to Him and His Torah.

I have seen this in my own life, and I know I will see it again, as long as I keep the Torah.

While I am writing this, I have a huge bill I have to pay in 2 days from now. If I do not pay that bill, it will have consequences for myself and my family. It is not an unexpected bill, and the reason why we can not pay this is not due to our fault. Someone in authority over us made a mistake two years ago, and the consequences are that now we are short about 3 600 USD this month. If that person had done things differently, we would now be able to pay that bill for 3 600 USD.

From my perspective on life, I can not see how we will be able to solve this. There is no possible way for my wife and me to get out of this challenging situation because we do not have that much money right now.

If this had happened while I was a mainstream Christian, I would be panicking now stressed out of my mind trying my best to find the best solution. I would have had no peace, no comfort.

So am I panicking?

No, it is bizarre, but I am 100% at peace. I have no idea what will happen, the bill is still there, and it is still due in 2 days. The consequences are still severe if we do not pay that bill. But even so, I am 100% at peace.


Because I have decided to obey the Torah, and I have decided to believe Yehovah delivers us if we follow His Torah. (Psalm 34:19)
I have no idea how He will help me or when, but I know He is never too late, never too early. So every day, I decide to view my life from His perspective instead of mine.

But this is a choice I have to make, and sometimes, a choice that runs contrary to my emotions and what I know intellectually. Intellectually I know I can not pay that bill; I know if I do not pay that bill, it will have far-reaching consequences for us, and I know it is caused by mistake done by another person in authority over us. But despite what I know, see and feel, I have to be very deliberate and choose (sometimes several times a day) to remind myself Yehovah will save me because I keep Torah because Yehovah is my God and He is one.

It is something I have to do each day, sometimes several times a day, but it keeps me at peace and enables me to hear Yehovahs guidance telling me what to do and what not to do in this situation. I still do not know what will happen or when, but I know I can trust Him. I know He might solve this a way I do not expect, so I make sure I do not test Him by telling Him how to save me. I give Him freedom of choice and accept whatever it might be.

This is how we are supposed to live our lives because, as Christians, the Torah guarantees we will overcome life. Therefore we are not to worry, says Yeshua in Matt 6:25-34, we are not to act as the heathens who do not have the Torah. And when they see us facing the same challenges as them, with a positive outlook on life filled with faith, they will know there is a God, and His name is Yehovah. (Rev 12, Rev 14)

What is your outlook on life right now?

Mainstream Christians are told if they “believe in Jesus” God the Father will heal them, help them, deliver them because of their faith in the Son of God. Nowhere in the Bible does it say if we have a passive belief in Jesus, it guarantees God’s help.

If you do what Prov 3:5-6 says, submit yourself to the Torah and expect Yehovahs help, your outlook on life will change, and you will see His help.

Does this diminish the cross? In no way does the Torah reduce the cross, because the Torah says we can not be Torah obedient without the cross. The cross of Christ is the only way for us now to sacrifice for our sins. This is why we can not be Torah obedient and, at the same time, reject the cross, and why we can not be a Christian and reject the Torah. (James 2, 1. John 2)

So what have you got to lose? Nothing but your stress, fear, and worry by choosing to obey the Torah and have a positive faith-filled outlook on life.

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