Waiting on a promise

3 February 2020
Series: Devotional
Topic: promise , waiting , Yehovah

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Have you ever wondered if the promise Yehovah has given you would come to pass?

Our forefather Abraham was promised a son against all the odds. Physically he and Sarah had long since passed the age of childbearing, and it looked like they would have no descendants and heirs. But then, one day, Yehovah showed up in their lives and gave them a promise that was so incredible, they would have a son and an heir in their old age.

At first, this was too incredible, and the idea was so outrageous and seemed so impossible Sarah laughed. Yehovah was not offended by her laughter, but as time went by, Sarahs’ laugh turned into doubt for her and Abraham. Doubt turned into ideas and thoughts that tempted them to take matters into their own hands, so not long after that, Ishmael was born. Even though Ishmael was not a part of Yehovah’s plans, Yehovah did not ignore him or forget about him while He at the same time made sure His promise to Abraham and Sarah would be fulfilled in Isaac.

Have you been given a promise by Yehovah that was so unbelievable you laughed? Have you been given a promise by Yehovah that has not yet happened, so you decided to take matters into your own hands, and now you are not sure if it ever will or if you have messed things up? A promise that has not yet happened, and now you doubt if it ever will?

If this is you, I would like to remind you of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham and Sarah were tempted to matters into their own hands, and the result was Ishmael. What they did messed things up for them, and had consequences way into the future. Even so, Yehovah did not recant His promise, and He also made sure He would bless and care for Ishmael.

Whatever mess you have made, give it to Yehovah, He will bless it and turn it around for something good, He has not recanted His promise to you.

Abraham and Sarah were several times, tempted to doubt if it would ever happen, but they never allowed their doubt to convince them. Even though they at times felt doubt, they still trusted Yehovah to come through on His promise.

If you have doubted Yehovah’s promises, do not allow doubt to convince you it will never happen. Fight doubt with trust in Yehovah, and you will see He will come through on His promise to you.

The question then is this, how do we handle it when we have been given a promise, but nothing happens?

The Bible gives us the answer to this in Isaiah 28:16, “the one who believes will not make haste and never be put to shame or dismayed” The word “the one who believes” is ma’amin in Hebrew and our answer to our question. Its root meaning speaks of training, loyalty, and faithfulness. What this is telling us is this, if we remain faithful, loyal, and obedient to Yehovah and His law, the Torah (the law of Moses), He will make sure the promise will come to pass even if we doubt and also if it takes a while.

So how do we handle it when we have been given a promise, but nothing has so far happened?
Stay obedient to Moses and his written Torah, and then you will have no reason to worry, and you will see the promise come to pass even if it seems impossible right now. (Matt 6:25-34)