Week 5, how to get out of debt, the importance of trust

29 October 2019
Series: Financial
Topic: debt , Money , partner , trust

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

For the last four weeks, we have learned the mechanics of how to get out of debt. We have looked at the importance of confession and repentance, understanding the Bible, healing old wounds, and budgeting without fear. This week, we will learn what could be the most challenging lesson of them all but the most vital of them all – the importance of having a relationship with Yehovah built on trust.
So let me begin this week’s lesson by asking you this one question, do you trust God? Most Christians, when asked this question, would answer, “yes, I trust Jesus, He is my Lord and Savior.” The Bible is undeniable; Jesus (His Hebrew name is Yeshua) is God, John 1, 8:58, 2.Cor 5:19. At the same time, we know Yeshua is not the Father. In John 14:28 He even says that His Father is greater than Himself, and throughout the Gospels and the New Testament, we see how the focus is on the Father and not on Yeshua. The goal of everything Yeshua did was to bring us back to the Father. So even though the Bible does say we have to go through the cross and Yeshua’s death to get to the Father, it does not tell us to remain at the cross. It tells us to build a robust and lasting relationship with the Father.
Do you trust the Father? The Bible says His name is Yehovah (Ex 3:14), and He never changes (Mal 3:6). When He says in Deut 28:1-13, Matt 6:25-34, Hab 2:4, Rom 1:17, Gal 3:11, those who are faithful and obedient to the Torah shall live and have their needs met He still means what He says. If you are loyal to Him and obedient to Him, you will live, and He will take care of you. When it says in John 3:16, He loves so you so much that He was willing to give you His Son Yeshua, hoping you would repent and come back to the Torah by faith in the cross He still means it.
Whatever you need today, the Bible says it will come from Yehovah, not from Yeshua. But the Bible also says you have to accept Yeshua and repent back to the Torah before Yehovah gives it to you. So the question is, do you trust that Yehovah will deliver you from debt?
If you have a relationship with Jesus, but not with Yehovah, it will be challenging for you to have the trust required to be free from debt. The Bible even goes as far as to say if you have a relationship with Jesus but not with Yehovah; you do not have a relationship with Yeshua in the Bible. Why? Because the Bible says, Yeshua came to restore us to fellowship with Yehovah, not with Himself.
How do you get to have a relationship with Yehovah? What we have learned for the last four weeks is a part of it. You can not have this relationship without confessing and repenting of your sins. You must understand the Bible correctly and heal old wounds, and you have to learn how to budget without fear if you want this kind of relationship. But all of these things are just a part of it, the main thing is trust, and it calls for trust in Yehovah, not in Yeshua.
Do you trust Yehovah? Most Christians find it easy to trust Yehovah for salvation, but not that easy to trust Him for the things we need in our everyday life. Why? Most Christians do not expect to die anytime soon, so salvation becomes this “get out of jail” card they keep in their back pocket to use the day they die. When you are not faced with imminent death, it is easy to claim trust in the cross. But when you are faced with an imminent need, such as healing and provision, it becomes a little more challenging. Why? Because deep down inside, you know the Bible says there is something you have to do to get Him to help you, and you do not want to let go of certain sins in your life.
The truth is, most Christians do not trust Yehovah. How can I make such a statement? Because the Bible says, if we trust Yehovah, we will live as Yeshua lived His life as an obedient son or daughter to Yehovah.
The question then gives itself, would a loving Father give His child access to a lot of money if that child did not trust or even obey His Father? The answer is, of course, no, a loving, responsible father would not do such a thing to protect their child. Why? Because a child who refused to obey and had no trust in his or her father would waste all that money in a second.
Do you now see how vital trust is if you want to become free of all debt and have financial security? If Yehovah right now answered your prayers and removed all your debt, you would have control over a lot of money. If you do not trust Him and you do not obey Him, you would waste that money in a second and end up right back knee-deep in debt.
The Bible says He does not want us to live in debt. It even says He is the one who gives us power and anointing to get rich. But before He can take us into the promised land of freedom and financial security, He first has to make sure we obey Him and trust Him.
So how do we build our trust in Yehovah as our Father?
The Bible says in John 3:16, 1. John 2:6, James 2:10-26, Hab 2:4, Rom 8:32 Yehovah loves you. He loves you so much He was willing to give His Son Yeshua to die for your sins on a cross. Everyone who trusts in the death of Yeshua for their sins, and repents from sin, will be adopted into the family of Yehovah. They will have the right to call themselves a child of Yehovah, and Yehovah will be their Father.
Stop for a moment and let this sink in, Yehovah is your Dad; He is your Father. You are allowed to call the creator of the Universe, the one who decides who will get to live or die today for Daddy.
All of us have had fathers, some of them were good fathers, and others failed miserably at being a dad. Even though your father perhaps failed at being a dad, you know there were still good fathers out there. My father failed at being a dad, but I always knew there were good fathers in the world. Men of honor who excelled at being a dad. And at times, I wished they would adopt me into their families.
The Bible says when you accepted the cross, Yehovah adopted you into His family. Now that you are a part of His family, He expects you to live by His rules just as any father, good or bad, expects their children to live by their rules. Why? Because our Father in heaven knows what is best for us, so His laws are not to keep us in confinement. His rules, His Torah is there to protect us against harm and to bless us. He even says in Hab 2:4, living by His rules will give us life, health, and provision. But most of all, our obedience shows our trust in Him and our love for Him (John 14:15). When we choose to obey the Torah, we show we love Him, and we trust Him. But most importantly of all, we show the world who our Dad is.
When Yehovah sees our faithfulness and love for Him, He sees a child He can trust with greater responsibility. Why? Because when we obey His Torah, He knows we will not willingly do anything stupid again. This means that when He sees our obedience, He knows it is safe to entrust us with more money because the Torah will protect us from wasting our money away and landing us back in debt again.
How do you trust Yehovah? By obeying His Torah. How do you build a relationship with Yehovah? By obeying His Torah. Do you want to have financial stability and live debt-free? Obey His Torah and remember He is your Father.
Obedience to the Torah will not make you financially stable and debt-free overnight. Sometimes, things will get difficult even when you are living in a relationship with Yehovah, the creator of the Universe. Whatever happens, it is vitally essential you continue to obey His Torah. When you are in doubt if you will ever get debt-free, remind yourself of Rom 8:32, which says when He has given us His Son, we can know for sure He will provide us with everything else we need. It might take some time; you might get terrified at times because it will look as if things are not changing. But when that happens, keep living in obedience to your loving heavenly Father Yehovah. Keep reminding yourself Yehovah is your Father and He loves you, and because He is your loving Father, it is not His will for you to live in slavery to debt.