Weekly devotion, do you need help?

12 November 2019
Series: Devotional
Topic: devotion , help

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Do you need help today? Protection from everything coming against you this week? Prov 18:10 says the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe. Who is the Lord? The Bible says in Prov 18:10, the name of the Lord is Yehovah. Who are the righteous? The Bible says in 1. John 3:7, the one who obeys the Torah, is righteous. So if you follow the Torah, you can take shelter today in the name of Yehovah. The question is, how do you take refuge in the name of Yehovah? Every attack that comes against us always begins in the mind and our thought life. Why is that? Because the devil knows what is in our minds, what we believe in, is what we will act on. So if he can get us to think we’re going to die from cancer, never become debt-free, always be lonely, this is what we will act out in our lives, and this is what will become a reality. Why? Because one of the essential principles in the Bible is this, what you believe will always show itself in how you live your life and then what you think becomes the truth. So how do you take shelter in the name of Yehovah? When thoughts and ideas come your way that is intended to worry you, give you fear and anxiety, shift your thoughts to Yehovah.

As with any other human being, I am attacked several times a day each day with thoughts designed to give me fear, anxiety, and worry. When I was a mainstream Christian, I did not obey the Torah. Back then, I believed in Prov 18:10, but I trusted what my pastor had told me that this now applies to the name of Jesus. So I tried several times over to use the name of Jesus to fight thoughts of fear, anxiety, and worry. To be honest, it never worked the way the Bible says. Fear, worrying, and anxiety always got the best of me.

When I started obeying the Torah, I decided to follow everything that applies to me as a man, living outside Israel. This includes Ex 20:3, which says I am Yehovah, your God, you shall have no other gods before me. If I was going to obey the Torah, I could no longer take refuge in the name of Jesus because that would be idolatry. Do not misunderstand me; the Bible clearly says Yeshua (Jesus) is God, but nowhere in the Bible do we see Yeshua teaching His disciples to hallow His name. All through the Gospels, He teaches His disciples to sanctify and hallow the name of His Father Yehovah. And if we believe Yeshua was sinless, then He could never have taught His disciples to praise or sanctify His name instead of His Fathers because that would have been idolatry, and He would no longer be sinless.

Because I am human, I still get attacked with thoughts of worry, anxiety, and fear. But now I have authority over them, not in myself, but in the name of Yehovah. I believe, and I act on what the Bible teaches, so when thoughts of fear, worry, and anxiety comes, I say to myself something like “blessed be Yehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, my God, my Savior and my deliverer who will deliver me from this trial and heal me when I need to be healed”. This works every time, it never changes my circumstances, but it gives me the peace I need amid the storm. This is how I take shelter in the name of Yehovah; I choose to magnify Yehovah and what He has promised more than my problems and circumstances.

Every individual is different; every situation is different, but one thing remains the same, and that is the Bible. I dont know your situation or what makes you scared and afraid. But I know this, the Bible does not lie. So why dont you try to do what the Bible says the next time fear attacks your mind? Choose to magnify the name of Yehovah, bless Him, praise Him and lift Him up as your healer, deliverer, provider, protector, or whatever it is you need right now.
The only requirement to be able to do this is that you remain Torah obedient.