We serve a wealthy God

1 October 2019
Series: Devotional
Topic: devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

The Bible says, in the book of Haggai and the book of Psalms, silver, and gold belongs to Yehovah, and He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. This means that all the wealth of this world belongs to Yehovah, He is the wealthiest, the richest there is, and He has access to wealth beyond our wildest imaginations because they are all His.

He is also the one who created us and the one who sees what we are capable of.

Money is supposed to be a blessing if it gets used in the right way. What is “the right way to use money”? The right way or the righteous way to use money defines in the Bible as being obedient to the Torah (the first five books in the Bible, we also sometimes call the written law of Moses).

Are you struggling in your finances right now? Are you in debt?

The Bible says if you are saved by the Blood of Yeshua (Jesus), your Father Yehovah is the wealthiest in the universe. He has access to billions and millions of money. So why are you still in debt if this is true?

Let me ask you one question, would you give the keys to your car to a 5-year old? Of course not, you know your five-year-old is not capable of handling the vehicle righteously. If you, on the other hand, should choose to give the control of your car to 5-year old it would ruin their life and the life of a lot of people who happened to come in their way.

You are one of the many mainstream Christians who confess to believe the Torah, the only thing that instructs you how to handle money righteously, does not apply to you. What would happen if Yehovah suddenly gave you access to His wealth? Because you reject the Torah, you are not capable of handling that kind of money righteously. If He, on the other hand, should give you access to it you would ruin your own life with it and the life of a lot of people who happened to come in your way.

The only responsible, and loving thing for Yehovah to do is to provide just what you need to get by until you have learned and started obeying righteousness.

Are you struggling in your finances now? Are you in debt? Do you want to get out of debt?

Yehovah wants you to live debt-free, and if you are in debt right now, His greatest desire is for you to get out of it. Do you want to learn how to get out of it? Starting tomorrow, October 2, I will launch a new teaching series, “how to get out of debt, the Biblical way.”

This teaching series will only be available for partners of the ministry, or those who want to give 5 USD pr month to access it.

If 5 USD is too much for you right now, please contact me and tell me what you are able to give. I will then make out an invoice and send it to you, as soon as I receive your payment, I will grant you access to the teaching series.

Apostle Ernie