What about those who?

30 April 2020
Topic: questions , salvation

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

The Bible says in Isaiah 53:5, Gal 3:13 if you believe Yeshua died for your sins, He was buried, and resurrected on the third day, you are saved. What does it mean to be saved? The Bible describes salvation as reconciliation to Yehovah (God), 2 Cor 5:11-21, as healing from the effects of the curses in Deut 28:14-65 (Isaiah 53:5), and as freedom from the curses of the law (Gal 3:13.) So if you are saved, you are healed, reconciled to Yehovah, and no longer cursed by Yehovah.

Why do you need salvation in the first place? Because the Bible says in Deut 27:26 and Jeremiah 11:3, if you do not obey the Torah (the written law of Moses), you are cursed. In Deut 28:14-65, we read what happens to those who dont obey the Torah, and Mark 9, John 3, Rom 1, says those who are cursed will eventually end up in hell when they die. So this is why you need salvation.

Paul warns us, in Rom 6, to live as saved individuals in obedience to righteousness. We know, from 1.John, that every time Paul mentions righteousness, he is referring to the Torah (the written law of Moses.) So what Paul is saying here in Rom 6 is this, we can lose our salvation and become cursed again if we do not obey the Torah (Deut 27:26, Jeremiah 11:3.) This is what James and John are referring to in James 2:10-26 and 1. John 2, when they say our faith in Christ, has to show itself in obedience to the Torah, and we have to imitate the life of Christ to be saved. If there is no obedience to the Torah, and no imitation of His life, our faith is dead and can not save us.

Mainstream Christianity teaches us not to obey the Torah, and some would even go as far as to say the Torah is sinful and evil. Lies like these are the reason why Matt 7:21-23 says there are Christians in hell.

This is what the Bible says about salvation, but it also raises a few questions that need to be answered.

We all have Christian friends and family who see themselves as saved, on their way to heaven, who reject the Torah. They believe we are under grace, not Torah. They reject the idea of Shabbat, the food laws, but they live morally clean lives confessing Jesus as their Savior. Some of them see their prayers answered more than we do, and some even see miracles happening in their lives.

If we are to believe in the Bible and what it teaches, we know they will one day hear “depart from Me, for I never knew you, you who are without Torah.” (Matt 7:21-23)

It is only natural for all of us to desire for them to come to Torah, but it can be challenging, if not impossible, to convince them.

The first thing we need to remember is John 6:44, we can’t save anybody, and we can’t convince anybody of their need for the Torah. Yehovah is the only one who can convince people of their need or the Torah. The second thing we need to remember is this; we used to be like them. There was once a time when we lived as mainstream Christians, believing we were under grace and not law. But because Yehovah worked on our hearts, we repented back to the Torah, and now we know we will never hear “depart from Me for I never knew you, you who are without Torah.”

So the only thing we can do when it comes to family members, friends, and loved ones who reject the Torah is to pray for them. Pray for Yehovah to speak to their hearts the way He did to our hearts so they will repent and come to Torah obedience. Be open and ready to respond if they have questions. If you dont know the answer, guide them to sermons online or ministries online who can help them, and never stop praying for them.

But if they reject the Torah, why does it seem as if their prayers are sometimes more effective than ours?

Deut 13 and Matt 7:21-23 says Yehovah will allow their prayers to be heard to test them, and people around them. When their prayers are heard, and miracles happen, Yehovah is testing them and us to see how we will react. Will we buy into the lie that says we should reject the Torah because it seems as if God is with them? They reject the Torah, but great things happen when they pray so surely God must approve of their Torah rejection? Or will we choose Yehovah, who says (in Deut 13) we should never look at miracles as proof of a righteous saved life. We should look at their obedience or lack of obedience to judge if they are genuinely saved or not. In the book of Revelation and the Gospels, we are warned that in the last day’s many false Messiahs will arise, and they will be allowed to do great miracles. Many Christians will be led astray by them because these Christians have forgotten or rejected what it says in Deut 13.

When you see loved ones, who reject the Torah live the supernatural life, pray for them. Pray, they will know the truth of the Torah and pray people who see miracles happening to them will not be led astray.

So, if you repent back to Torah, you are sinless and perfect right away? God automatically “downloads” the Torah into your mind, so you know how to obey and what to obey, never doing anything wrong?

No, not at all. 1. John 1 says we will continue to sin and break the Torah, but the difference is this, now it will be unintentional. Nobody is sinless, we will all continue to sin unintentionally, and when we do we will always be forgiven if we confess and repent (1.John 1:9.)

We see an excellent example of this in all of Pauls’s letters, where he has to remind his readers to live in obedience. Except for the letter to the Galatians, we never see Paul telling his readers they have fallen from grace or are in danger of losing their salvation.

So why did the Galatians risk losing their salvation?

It was not because they sinned unintentionally; it was because they had chosen to reject the Torah in favor of human traditions, human doctrines, and human opinions.

As long as we dont do what the Galatians did, and we repent and confess our unintentional sins, we will never lose our salvation.

The Torah has 613 commandments, and we are expected to learn which one applies to us. Some are gender-specific, some are just for priests in the temple, others we need to be in Israel with access to a temple to obey. To learn what to obey and how to obey takes time, and while we learn, we will many times commit unintentional sins done out of ignorance. If you confess and repent, you will be forgiven by Yehovah every time.

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