What is the mark of the beast?

16 October 2020

Series: Shabbat sermons

Topic: covid-19, mark, vaccine

What is the mark of the beast?

When this is being written, the world is plagued by a pandemic called covid-19. All over the globe, pharmaceutical companies are hard at work to develop a working vaccine. We have entire nations in lockdowns and world leaders saying we can not return to everyday life until the vaccine has been created. We are already seeing some countries making plans for a health pass for those who choose to be vaccinated; they will be given liberty to travel, buy, and sell as usual. If they take the vaccine, they can return to everyday life. Those who reject it will still have to live in quarantine to protect the rest of society.

This idea that only those vaccinated can return to regular everyday life has given birth to many conspiracy theories claiming a vaccine is the beast’s mark from the book of Revelation. But what if this is only a conspiracy theory without any Biblical substance? Instead of blindly accepting a conspiracy theory, which may or may not b substantiated by the Bible, I invite you to take a closer look at what the Bible has to say about the mark of the beast.

The mark of the beast is found in Rev 13, 19, and 20. The Bible says because the beast can do mighty miracles, people will be deceived into worshiping his image and accept a mark on their forehead or hand. They need this mark to buy or sell and live in everyday life. If they take this mark, Yehovah, our God, will destroy their bodies and cast them in the lake of fire for all eternity when Yeshua returns. If they do not take this mark, their names will be written in the book of life. They will suffer for their decision, many will starve to death because they can’t buy or sell anything, but they will inherit eternal life because they have been faithful to Yehovah.

These chapters in the Bible says the mark is something each individual chooses to accept. It is not something given to them against their will. This means you have to be conscious, awake, and decide for yourself if you want the mark. Nobody can choose for you, and nobody can force you to take the mark against your will. They can cause you to choose between the mark or starvation but not force you to accept the mark if you say no.

A vaccine is something that can be administered to conscious people and unconscious people. If you get knocked out in an accident, someone can choose to give you a vaccine against your will. Children above the age of accountability but under their parent’s care can be given a vaccine against their own choice. If the beast’s mark is a vaccine, then we would have many people who had taken the mark by accident either because they were under their parent’s care or because they were unconscious when it happened.

If you believe the covid-19 vaccine is the mark of the beast, you believe in a god who does not care about individuals. If a Christian, who would never take the mark, is knocked out in an accident and given the vaccine, they are cast into the lake of fire. If a child above the age of accountability, who has asked Jesus into their heart, is given the vaccine, they are cast into the lake of fire. Both the adult knocked out in an accident, and the child would never take the mark because someone decided for them they will live forever in the lake of fire, and their faith in Jesus and confession counts for nothing.

The Bible says no one can take your salvation from you. (John 10:28) Because of John 10:28, it is an impossibility for the vaccine to be the mark of the beast. Why? If a vaccine that can be administered to an unconscious human or a child is the mark of the beast, then your salvation can be stolen from you. John 10:28 says nobody can take your salvation from you.

The Bible says, in the book of Revelation, only those who decide for themselves to take the mark will take the mark. The mark is not something you can take by accident or because someone chose for you. This is why the Bible can not substantiate the idea that a vaccine can be the mark of the beast.

There are several conspiracy theories, all claiming the covid-19 vaccine is the mark of the beast. But as we have seen, this can not be substantiated by the Bible. If the Bible can not confirm it, then we have to reject those theories.

Does this mean it is safe to take a vaccine?
If we know it does not have any dangerous side effects, the answer is yes. If a covid-19 vaccine is not the mark of the beast, what is the mark of the beast?

John the Apostle wrote the books 1-3 John and the book of Revelation. When he lived, he did not have a new testament. His Bible was the Old Testament and the Torah. In 1.John, he says anyone who claims to be united with Jesus has to obey the Torah (the written law of Moses.) He also says, in 1.John, righteousness is what we become when we follow the Torah. What John says is no different from Paul, Jacob, Peter, and Yeshua say in the rest of the New Testament.

To understand what John means when he is referring to the mark of the beast, we have to keep this in mind: John believed the Torah (the law of Moses) applied to a New Testament believer.

The Torah says those who are saved must have the Torah (Moses’s law) on their hands and foreheads. The book of Revelation says the mark of the beast will be on our hands and foreheads. This shows us the mark of the beast is the opposite of having the Torah on our hands and foreheads, so it has something to do with the rejection of the Torah.

Most Christians have already rejected the Torah. Does this mean most Christians have accepted the mark of the beast?

No, they have no yet accepted it; they have been conditioned to accept it.

The book of Revelation says the beast will be able to do wonders and signs, so people will worship the beast and take its mark.
In the Gospels, Yeshua says that there will be many false messiahs claiming to have come in the end times. He says they will be able to do great and mighty things that will lead even the elect astray.

There is a connection between what He says about false Messiahs and what the book of Revelation says about the beast; they will both do great and mighty miracles.

Who is it the church believes in?

Mainstream Christian church believes in a Jesus who came to do away with the Torah, accepts almost everything, teaches grace, did miracles, told us to worship Him, and did on a cross so we could be reconciled to Yehovah. This Jesus says you dont have to repent; you dont have to do anything, only believe in me.

The Bible says, Yeshua (Jesus of the Bible) came to teach us how to obey the Torah, how to worship His Father Yehovah, told us to reject human-made traditions, did miracles, and died on a cross so we could be reconciled to Yehovah. This Jesus says you have to repent back to Moses and show you believe in Me and what I did for you on the cross.

What would happen if the Jesus of mainstream Christianity, not the Jesus of the Bible, returned today?

Most Christians would believe the Son of God had returned.

The majority of today’s Christians would accept him as the returned Messiah. Why would they receive Him? Because the majority of Christians believe miracles are God sign of approval regardless of a personal lifestyle. So if someone showed up, claiming to be Jesus and did miraculous things, how he lived his life, what he believed in, or what he preached would not matter to most Christians.

In the Gospels and the book of Revelation, the false Messiahs and the beast are said to be able to do great and mighty miracles. The Bible also says, in the New Testament, the spirit that is in them (the spirit of the antichrist) is the spirit of lawlessness and Torah lessness.

This is why mainstream Christians have been conditioned to accept the mark because they believe in different Jesus, the one who came to do away with the Torah.

What is the mark of the beast?

According to John the Apostle, those who take the mark have rejected the Torah. By leaving the Torah, they have dismissed Yehovahs commandment to have the Torah on our forehead and hand. This is a conscious decision they have made, and they bear the full responsibility for.

This is why we know it can not be a vaccine or something that other people can administer to you if you are knocked out or under someone’s care. It is a choice you make to reject Torah and a choice you bear the full responsibility for.

Does this mean that all those Christians who reject Torah today have taken the mark?

No, because we live in a society where you can reject or accept the Torah and still buy and sell. As of today, in 2020, we have no government officials making it illegal to keep Torah.

It does mean that if you died today, Yeshua would deny ever knowing you (Matt 7:21-23).

It does mean that sometime in the future, we dont know when it will be illegal to obey Torah. Sometimes in the future, a world leader like Antiochus Epihpanus will arise and do precisely what he did. He made it illegal and punishable by death to teach from the Torah, to obey the Torah, to pronounce the name of our God Yehovah.

Antiochus Epiphanes is long dead, but the spirit of lawlessness in him will one day enter another world leader. He will arise and make it illegal to teach from the Torah, to obey the Torah, and to pronounce the name of our God Yehovah. He will not only make it illegal; he will expect you to show you have rejected the Torah by asking you to do something the Torah forbids.

We saw this happening under the rule of Antiochus Epiphanes. In the concentration camps, the antichrist’s spirit forced believers to eat unclean foods, celebrate pagan holidays, or participate in pagan gods’ worship.

One day, a world leader and his supporters will force you to break the Torah. You will see “Christians” telling you to obey, eat unclean foods, dont care about the Shabbat, or the Lord feasts because all of those things were “done away with” at the cross. If this should happen in your lifetime, do not listen to them, they have already succumbed to the pressure of the antichrist and taken the mark.

If you succumb to his pressure, you will have taken the mark.

Do not take the mark.

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