What is the sin nature?

28 October 2020
Series: Bible study

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Have you ever heard it said it is impossible to keep Torah? If you are a mainstream Christian, chances are you have more than one time been told we can’t do the right thing, and that is why we need Jesus. If we believe He kept the law for us, His obedience will be imputed to us by faith. If you question this and ask why it is impossible, your pastor’s answer is the sin nature. The sin nature doctrine says we are all born in original sin, and it compels us to sin, so that is why we can’t obey the Torah. But for some reason, your sinful nature does not affect your ability to obey civil law, which in many ways resembles the Torah (the Mosaic law.) It does not make sense that we would be unable to follow the Torah because of the sin nature, but well able to obey civil law. Have you ever questioned this doctrine?

What exactly is the sin nature, and what is original sin?

The Bible says in Gen 8:20, Jeremiah 32:30, Ecclesiastes 7:29, Isaiah 7:15 says man is created perfect and well able to obey the Torah, but when we reach our youth, our minds grow wicked. In Deut 24:16, Ezekiel 18:20, Rom 14:12 it says we are not punished for our fathers’ sins.

Here, in the Bible, we see how every human is created perfect and able to obey the Torah. But as we reach our youth, something happens in us, and lawlessness takes over. Here in the Bible, we also see how it says we are not punished for the sins of our fathers. We know there is no Biblical proof for the doctrine of the sin nature and no Biblical evidence for the doctrine of original sin.

If the doctrine of our sinful nature and original sin are all human-made concepts with no foundation in the Bible, why do Christians believe them to be true?

The foundation for the doctrine of the sin nature comes from Romans 7. Here in Romans 7, Paul says he knows what the right thing to do is, but he cannot do it because of his flesh.
When Paul wrote Romans 7, he did not have a New Testament; his Bible was the Old Testament. If we want to understand Romans 7, we first must understand what in the Old Testament Paul is referring to here in Rom 7.

From both the Old and the New, we know it is a sin to change God’s word, remove something or add to it. We also know, from the Old, our God Yehovah has a dual nature. The Bible says He creates light and He creates chaos (Isaiah 45:7.) If we are made in His image (Gen 1), then we have the same dual nature as He.

Most Christians would argue Eve and Adam did not sin until they ate of the apple, but this is wrong. If you read the Bible, it clearly says that in Genesis 1, Eve changed God’s word when the snake questioned her. Changing God’s word is a sin. This happened before she ate the apple, proving she and Adam were created with the same dual nature as Yehovah.

When Yehovah creates a human being, He gives us a dual nature that can make good and create chaos. This is not a mistake on His behalf because He has made us in His image, and this is why He says that when a human reaches their youth, the evil inclination takes over and subdues the good.

So, according to the Bible, no human being is born in original sin with a sinful nature that makes it impossible for us to obey the Torah. We are made perfect in His image, with His dual nature able to do good and create chaos. But as we grow older, we learn to subdue the good in us, so when we reach our youth, the evil nature takes over. This is not because of some inherited sickness or spiritual inheritance from Adam and Eve. This happens because each individual chooses when they are young to feed the evil nature in them and starve the good.

This a choice we make, and every choice brings guilt and consequences.

This is why we need all of Yeshua, not just His death on the cross. Yeshua came to teach us how to change, how to subdue our evil nature, and feed our good by repenting back to Torah. Then He went to the cross to atone for our sins and made it legal for Yehovah to accept us again. (Numbers 5, Romans)

So the message of Paul, the message of the Apostles and Yeshua, is this: Start feeding your good nature with the Torah so you can subdue your evil side and get reconciled to Yehovah by the cross. (Rev 12, 14)

Why do most Christians choose to believe the sin nature and the doctrine of original sin when it is not in the Bible? First and foremost, because of how they read the Bible. Most Christians reject the Old Testament and see it as not relevant, even though we know Paul in 2.tim says the Old Testament is God-breathed and gives us instructions on how to live.

There is also a spiritual side to this; what happens when Christians believe in the doctrine of original sin and the sin nature? They think they can’t keep the Torah. What happens when they reject the Torah? (when I refer to Torah, I mean every last one of the 613 commandments applicable to your gender)

According to Paul and the Bible, they feed their evil nature and effectively block every attempt from the Holy Spirit to make them righteous. This is why we in Matt 7:21-23 have Christians rejected by Yeshua because they do not keep Torah.

Who benefits from Christians who reject the Torah?

The devil.

The devil has no problem with someone claiming faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, as long as they reject the Torah. This is why the antichrist spirit is described, in the New Testament, as the spirit of lawlessness and the total opposite of the Torah.

Who has inspired doctrines such as the sin nature and original sin?

The devil.

Have you given into the lie of original sin and the sin nature? Have you accepted it as truth? Then it is time to repent, time to reject those lies, and accept what the Bible says about you. You were created perfect in the image of Yehovah with a dual nature. As the years have gone by, you have chosen to feed your wrong side and starve the good.

You are responsible for making these choices, so you have to suffer the consequences of them.

It does not have to be this way; you can repent today by accepting the Torah and what Yeshua did for you.

Do the right thing while it is still time, repent and believe in the cross and you will make a choice that has affects not only this life, but it will also guarantee you will end up in heaven and the new Jerusalem when you die. (Matt 7:21-23)

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