What protects us from the devil?

21 December 2020
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

How are we, as Christians, to protect ourselves from the evil one?

The mainstream response would be the Blood of Jesus, and the cross protects us if we believe they apply to us. Is this what the Bible says?

In 1.John 5:18, it says everyone who has been born from Yehovah does not sin, but the one who has been born again keeps himself by observing the Torah (the law of Moses.) What protects us from the evil one is not the Blood and the cross; it is our obedience to the Torah.

Does this mean the Blood and cross have no significance at all?

On the contrary, it does have a significant, influential role in our salvation. Jude 5 says we are saved by the Blood and the cross, just as the Israelites were saved from Egypt. But just as the Israelites were killed in the desert because they disobeyed Moses, so will we lose our salvation and end up in hell if we disobey Moses.

So the Blood and the cross save us, but our obedience to Moses as our response to Yehovah’s salvation protects us. If we remove the Blood and the cross, there is no salvation, but if we remove our obedience to Moses, there is no protection, and we will lose what we gained in the cross.

This is why we need both, and this is why Rev 12 and 14 says only those who are saved by the cross AND obey Moses will overcome the devil.

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