What you eat can send you to hell

1 July 2020

Series: The Torah

Topic: eat, food, hell

What you eat can send you to hell

In Ex 16:29, Yehovah tells us we can not travel beyond our town’s limits on the Shabbat. We are to stay inside our town and not work for pay, or make others work for pay (Ex 20:9)

On Passover, we can not work for pay, make others work for pay or do any work on the first day and the seventh day (Ex 12:16) We are forbidden to have leavened products in our possession during Passover (Ex 12:19) or to eat any food containing leaven (Ex 12:20.) Leaven must be removed entirely from our home, so it is nowhere to be found during Passover (Ex 13:7.) We can not eat leaven after midday on the day before Passover either (Deut 16:3)

On Shavuot, we can’t do any work, the same with Rosh Hashanah (Lev 23:21, 23:25)

We are to fast from food and drink on Yom Kippur (Lev 23:29), but not if fasting would endanger your health. The Torah says it is a sin to murder; if fasting endangered our health, it would be murder. We can not do any work on Yom Kippur (Lev 23:29)

On the first day of Sukkot and the eight-day, we can’t do any work (Lev 23:35,36)

The beginning of each month on the lunar calendar is especially holy, and the Sanhedrin shall calculate the months and years.( Ex 12:2) This commandment requires the Sanhedrin; the Sanhedrin does not exist at the moment, so we cant obey this right now.

The weekly Shabbat is holy (Ex 20:7-8) and we are to rest from all work on that day (Ex 23:12,34:21)

Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot are three critical festivals we have to celebrate (Ex 23:14,) and we are to rejoice on these festivals. (Deut 16:14) We are commanded to visit the temple on the festivals (Deut 16:16), but this we can not do today because it does not exist any longer.

On the first night of Passover, we remember the Exodus from Egypt (Ex 13:8.) From the second night of Passover, we are to count 49 days from the time of the cutting of the Omer (first sheaves of the barley harvest) (Lev 23:15.) If you are not a farmer, then you will have no way of obeying this commandment today.

On Rosh Hashanah, we are to listen to the Shofar (Numbers 29:1)

During Sukkot, we dwell in booths for seven days (Lev 23:42) and shake Palm Branches, etrog fruits, myrtle and willow in six directions (Lev 23:40)

To celebrate these festivals, we need access to the temple. So we can not correctly obey them today, but we will be able to follow them in the future when the temple is rebuilt. Even though we can not celebrate them 100% today, we must remember them and rehearse them as best as we can.

The Torah has a lot to say about food and what is permitted for us to eat, and what is forbidden.

We are forbidden to eat meat from unclean animals (Lev 11:4). This goes for unclean fish and fowl as well. (Lev 11:11, 11:13) We can not eat any worms found in fruit (Lev 11:41)

If it creeps on the earth, we cannot eat it (Lev 11:41-42). We cannot eat any vermin or things that swarm in the water (Lev 11:44, 11:43.) Winged insects are forbidden to eat (Lev 14:19) or meat that been torn from an animal (Ex 22:30)

Meat from animals dead by natural causes is forbidden (Deut 14:21) and limbs torn from a living beast (Deut 12:23)

We are forbidden to slaughter an animal and its young on the same day (Lev 22:28) or capture the mother-bird with her young (Deut 22:6.) We can not eat the flesh of an ox that was sentenced to be stoned (Ex 21:28) or boil meat with milk (Ex 23:19)

We can not eat the tendon vein (Gen 32:33) or tallow fat (Lev 7:23.) Blood is forbidden to eat (Lev 7:26), and we must not overdo it with food or alcohol (Lev 19:26)

This is why we are responsible for examining all we eat, so we are sure we do not eat anything unclean (Lev 11:3, 11:9, Deut 14:11, Lev 11:21)

When we slaughter for food, cattle deer and fowl is to be killed a unique way (Deut 12:21)

If we take a bird’s nest, we are obligated to set the mother-bird free (Deut 22:6-7). Blood of undomesticated animals and fowls that have been killed must be covered (Lev 17:13)

Now that we have looked through the laws concerning food and holy days, ask yourself, if this is the standard of what it means to live as a Christian, how would you do? Would you qualify as a righteous person who chooses every day to obey your Lord Yeshua, who taught you to do all of the above? Or do you resemble more those talked about in Matt 7:21-23?

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