Will the real Jesus please stand up?

15 May 2020

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In Psalm 1:1-2, we read, “Blessed is the one who does not walk in the step of the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of Yehovah and who meditates on the Torah day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither,whatever they do prosper.”

The word used for delight in this verse has the meaning of something valuable, something that matters, something we love and appreciate. So what the Bible is saying here in Psalm 1:1-2 is this: If we see the Torah as something that matters, something we love and appreciate and something valuable, whatever we do will prosper.
Whatever we do and ask in prayer will happen at the right time, and we will live fruitful lives.

Yeshua says in the Gospels His pleasure was to obey the Torah (John 5:19.) In 1.John 2 and 1. Cor 11:1, we are called to imitate the life of Yeshua. If we do what Psalm 1:1-2 says, we are imitating the life of Yeshua. 1. John 2 says this: if we imitate Yeshua’s life, we are saved and united with Him.

We see the same thing in both Joshua 1:8 and Matt 5:19.

In Joshua 1:8, we read, “The Torah must not depart from your mouth, you are to recite it day and night, so that you may carefully observe everything written in it. For then, you will prosper and succeed in everything you do.”

In Matthew 5:19, we read, “Anyone who sets aside the Torah and teaches others to reject it, I will destroy. But whoever practices and teaches the Torah will be called great in the Kingdom of heaven.”

The Bible is telling us to obey God’s Torah, the written law of Moses. Jesus Himself is telling us to follow the Torah in Matthew 5:19, and 1.Cor 11, Paul the Apostle encourages his readers to obey the Torah. But even so, we have the church telling us the Torah was done away with at the cross. They say the Torah is sinful, something evil and a burden, something impossible to obey, and if we only believe in Him, we will be saved and blessed.

Mainstream Christianity is telling you to do the exact opposite of what the Bible says. They believe in a Jesus who is the exact opposite of the Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus of the Bible loves, appreciates, and values the Torah. The Jesus of Christianity sees the Torah as sinful, evil, something he did away with at the cross.

Does it not bother you there is such a discrepancy between the Bible and what your pastor is telling you? And what about the differences between the Jesus of the Bible and the jesus of Christianity? They can’t both be right, and only one of them claims divine inspiration. So you have to make a choice, who do you listen to Your pastor or the Bible who claims divine inspiration?

If you choose the Bible over your pastor, you have made the correct choice. But then there are certain things you need to do; you need to repent and start living as a law-abiding citizen of the Kingdom of Yehovah.

If you do repent, the Bible says you will be blessed; you will succeed, you will prosper, you will overcome the devil (Rev 12, Rev 14) and you will inherit eternal life (Matt 19:17)

Your next question could be: Are you saying and preaching salvation by works?

I am just telling you what the Bible says. We can not ignore the words of our Lord and Savior in Matt 9:17, where He says to the rich young ruler if you want to inherit eternal life, you have to obey the Torah.

We can not ignore Psalm 1 and Joshua 1:8, where we are told to make the Torah the object of our faith.

What Yeshua did for us at the cross is a central part of the Torah. But if you remove the Torah, then you remove the very foundation for the cross, and the cross no longer makes sense. If you believe in what He did for us at the cross and value the Torah, the cross makes perfect sense, and you understand the value of both.

But even so, most Christians choose to ignore what Yeshua says, what Paul says, and what the Bible says. Is it any wonder Matt 7.21-23 says there are Christians in hell because they rejected the Torah? Is it any wonder there are 40 000 + different denominations who are all trying to come up with “the Biblical truths” on how to live a blessed life?

The Bible makes it very easy for us; there is only one way to the blessed life and only one way to eternal life: the very thing rejected by Christianity, God’s Torah.

So you have to make a choice, and the choice is between your pastor and the Bible. A choice between your denomination and the Bible.

I am more than willing to help you make that choice by teaching you how to understand the Bible, and I will do it for free. I also want to pray for you for free, prophecy to you for free. So to make it very clear and avoid any misunderstandings, you do not have to pay for a prayer, a prophetic word, or access to one of many thousands of sermons and Bible teachings.

But if you want to be blessed, if you’re going to inherit eternal life, you must obey the Torah. And Paul, the Apostle, quotes the Torah in 1.Cor 9:13-14 when he says everyone who is ministered to should give something in return.

What Paul is saying here is this, if I pray for you, teach you the Bible or prophecy to you, you have to donate a gift in return. The amount is not important, but what is essential is your obedience to the Torah that you give something.

Your gift makes it possible for me to continue to pray for free, prophecy to people for free, and teach them the Bible for free.

The Torah also says that if you have to choose between giving a gift and paying your bills and feeding your family, your needs have priority. So if you have to make that choice, obey the Torah by not giving a gift. But if you dont have to make that choice, click the link below and give your gift on PayPal today.

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