Yehovah wants to strengthen you

24 March 2020
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In 2. Chronicles 16:9, we read in Hebrew, “For the eyes of Yehovah roam through the earth to strengthen the hearts of those who are complete.”

Is your heart filled with fear? We all go through seasons in our lives where our hearts feel weak with fear or worry. Sometimes it only affects us and our house; other times, it affects the entire world as we see now with the coronavirus. Being human means you will, at times, be terrified and worried in need of a strong heart to make it through life and its many circumstances.

2. Chronicles 16:9 is a beautiful promise. Here Yehovah promises to strengthen our hearts on one condition; we have to have a complete heart. So what does it mean to have a “complete heart”?

To have a complete heart means to be entirely devoted to Him. So what the verse says is this, Yehovah’s eyes are always searching all over the earth to see which one of us is entirely devoted to Him so He can strengthen our hearts.

The question is, how do you become devoted to Him?

The Christian response would be “get saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit by fire speaking with other tounges.” Matt 7:21-23 and John 14 says this is the wrong response. You are not entirely devoted to Yehovah by speaking with other tongues saved by the Blood of Jesus. There has to be one more important thing in your life that you are now missing, and if it is missing, James 2:10-26, 1. John 2-4 and Deut 13 even goes as far as to say you are not even saved.

So how do you become devoted to Yehovah?

Devoted to is a somewhat archaic word and can be difficult for us to understand. So what would be the modern equivalent to “devoted to?” The modern equivalent would be love. So let me rephrase the question, how do you love Yehovah? Because this is the condition for the promise in 2. Chronicles 16:9, He is looking for those who love Him ready to strengthen them.

How do you love your spouse? How do you love your friends, and what makes you feel loved?

You feel loved by those who share your ethical and moral values and takes an interest in you as a person. Your friends feel loved by you when you share their ethical and moral values, taking an interest in them as a person. Your spouse feels loved by you when you share his or her ethical, moral values, taking an interest in them as a person.

How do you love Yehovah?

By sharing His ethical and moral values and taking an interest in Him as your God. This is what Yeshua says to us in John 14, we love Him and His Father Yehovah when we agree on their ethical and moral values, and by doing so, we establish a relationship with them.

We see this illustrated in the life of Jesus (Yeshua/Yehoshua.) He had a oneness with His Father Yehovah because He (Yeshua) could only do what He saw His Father doing. They were one in everything and full agreement on ethical and moral values.

Do you, as a Christian, love Yehovah?

I am not asking if you love Jesus, I am asking do you love His Father Yehovah?

Most Christians would say, “I love Jesus, the one you call Yeshua, and I guess I love Yehovah, but I dont know who He is.” Or they would say something along the lines of, “Jesus said if you have seen Me you have seen the Father, so I dont have to love Yehovah I love Jesus, and by doing so I love the Father.”

And old saying goes something like this; the proof is in the pudding. In the Bible, in the book of Galatians, 1. John and the book of James say if we dont show the fruit of our salvation, we are not saved. If we dont show the fruit of our love for Jesus, we are not saved.

Everyone could see how much Yeshua loved His Father because they agreed upon everything. The first Christians in Antioch were called Christians because everything they did resembled the life of Jesus. People saw their salvation and their love for Yehovah. Can people see how much you love Yeshua and His Father because you are always in agreement with them on everything?

To this question, most Christians would have to say no; they can’t see my love for them because I dont agree with them on everything. Most Christians honestly believe Yehovahs law, the law of Moses is done away with at the cross. They look down on the Mosaic law as being something evil, sinful, something we should not obey when Yeshua says obedience to the Mosaic law is the only thing that shows our love for Yehovah. (John 14)

If you believe the law of Moses does not apply to you as a Christian, you are not in love with Yehovah and not devoted to Him. If you are not dedicated to Him, the promise in 2.Chronicles 16:9 does not apply to you.

If you believe the law of Moses does not apply to you, He is not looking to strengthen your heart.

Do you want your heart to be strengthened?

We all need to have strong hearts in the days ahead, no matter if we are directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus. Perhaps you live in a part of the world that is not yet affected by the virus? Even so, you need a strong heart to handle everyday life and situations.

Yehovah wants to strengthen your heart so you can make it through this. The condition for His help is a heart devoted to Him, the way Yeshua taught us in John 14, a heart in love with His instructions for life, the Torah (the written law of Moses.)

So make the right choice today and repent back to Moses’s law believing in the cross where His Son died for your sins. No matter what happens in the world, no matter what happens in your life, Yehovah will see and strengthen your heart so you can make it through.

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